Nglowong is a traditional fasting method preferred by practitioners striving for the realization of supernatural powers. Ultimately, nglowong involves strict practice and requires great discipline by the practitioner. One should perform nglowong preferably at a cemetery, or any similar deserted, yet mystical, place. Though some careful preparations need to be taken care of before one actually begins the practice. The area first needs to be examined in order to determine a spot suitable for executing the practice on the site. Once the specific location is chosen, one should take a shovel and start digging a hole in the ground.


It should be noted here that the hole should be dug especially for this occasion; it is the intentions in taking care of the preparatory stages for the practice which is equally important as the actual practice itself. Therefore, merely residing in a hole that is already naturally formed by nature itself, is not sufficient for proper nglowong, for the practitioner’s effort in digging the hole is essential for the purpose.

After the hole is dug, one ought to take a bath and ritually wash him or herself clean – an important preparatory ritual before proceeding on to the actual practice itself. Next, the practitioner may enter the hole and sit down in a meditation posture. The approximate duration of nglowong usually is twenty-four hours. During the designated period of time one may change the body’s posture from time to time. However, if for some reason one needs to go to the toilet, one should get up and leave the hole – yet it is not allowed for the practitioner to leave the area (cemetery grounds) in which one carries out nglowong, for the purpose.

It is believed that someone practising nglowong will encounter various terrifying visions of spirits and the like. Staying at a graveyard or burial place at night time will naturally arouse fear in the mind. Therefore, if the practitioner is not well-prepared to face his or her own fear, then that person is likely to become a helpless victim of whatever external appearance may come to the mind. Such oppressive feelings and emotions prevent the mind from going beyond the conventional reality, thereby failing to recognize the true nature in all phenomena. Thus, nglowong can be considered an ultimate challenge to conquer fear and transcend false perceptions of reality.

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