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Main Criteria for a Keris
Keris Eras ('Tangguh Keris')
Ricikan - Components of a Keris Blade
Pre-evaluation of a Keris
Keris Maintenance

Dapur Models

Types of Kerises with Straight Blades (Dapur Keris Lurus)
The Difference in Meaning Between Keris Lurus and Luk
The History of Keris Tilam Sari
Sampari: the Keris from Bima, Sumbawa
The Royal Keris of Bima: a Symbol of the Unity of the State
Kerida Karno Ksatria Purnabhava
Kyai Kerida Naga Waisaka
Kanjeng Kyai Wanara Seta (Hanoman)
Indonesian Civilization and the Kanjeng Kyai Sabdo Palon Keris

Related Articles

Dr. Isaäc Groneman's Study on the Javanese Keris
Toni Junus’ Profile and Work of Art
The Keris as an Object of Investment

Other Traditional Weapons

The Mandau Dayak Headhunter's Sword
The Wedhung Dagger
The Sundang Sword
The Rencong Dagger
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