Raja Kaputren of Majapahit

 This figurine represents Raja Kaputren, or the female consorts in the court of the Majapahit Kingdom. The figure is depicted standing on a lotus pedestal which, in Hindu-Buddhist philosophy, generally is considered a sign of celestial origin. the divine nature of this Raja Kaputren can also be recognized by the fact that it has four arms; the lower arms are placed with both hands in the Dhyāna Mudrā (a bodily posture symbolic for meditation), while the two upper arms hold in each hand ritual paraphernalia, namely a vajraand a drum.

Raja Kaputren of Majapahit

Aside from the spiritual characteristics, we can also determine the high social status Raja Kaputren enjoyed, for she is wearing a traditional set of royal garment which is characteristic of the Majapahit era.

Raja Kaputren

Thus, Raja Kaputren are the king’s female consorts who acquired spiritual powers through the countless meritorious and selfless deeds they performed during their lifetime as a faithful servant of their lord and master. Hence, worshiping a Raja Kaputren is believed to create the right conditions for receiving the heavenly services provided by these supernatural beings.

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